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  1. Evergrande Faces Obstacles in Debt Restructuring Plan

    #Evergrande Evergrande's plan to restructure its debts faces potential trouble due to regulatory scrutiny. The troubles further sink the embattled property giant's shares, adding a fresh blow to its restructuring efforts.

  2. Oil Prices Rise, Impacting US Drivers and Bolstering Russia

    #Oil Increase in oil prices has led to an upswing in gas prices for US drivers while also bolstering Russia's war chest. The surge complicates global efforts to combat inflation.

  3. Free at-home COVID tests are back

    #COVID19 US citizens can once again order free at-home COVID-19 tests from a government website. This move comes after a months-long hiatus.

  4. Amazon Invests $4 Billion in AI Startup Anthropic

    #Amazon In an effort to bolster competition against rivals, Amazon has agreed to invest up to $4 billion in AI startup Anthropic, accentuating the significance of the rapidly growing sector.

  5. Tensions Heighten Between Kosovo and Serbia Over Monastery Shootout

    #KosovoSerbia A deadly monastery shootout in Kosovo has intensified tensions between Kosovo and Serbia, with each side blaming the other for inciting the violence.

  6. Odessa Port Damaged in Russia-Ukraine War

    #RussiaUkraine The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in significant damage to Odessa port, underscoring the perils of the escalating war.

  7. Threat of Government Shutdown Pending Congressional Decisions

    #GovernmentShutdown As Congress approaches a deadline, key decisions must be made to avoid a government shutdown. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces a choice between potentially risking a shutdown or crossing party lines.

  8. Cuban Embassy in Washington Attacked with Molotov Cocktails

    #CubanEmbassy An unidentified assailant launched an attack on the Cuban embassy in Washington using Molotov cocktails. No casualties have been reported.

  9. Philippines Pledges to Remove Chinese Barrier in South China Sea

    #PhilippinesChina Philippine officials have vowed to remove a barrier placed by China's coast guard that's preventing Filipino fishing boats from entering a disputed lagoon in the South China Sea.

  10. US Ready to Admit Israel into Visa Waiver Program

    #VisaWaiver The Biden administration is prepared to admit Israel into a selective club, allowing Israeli citizens to travel to the United States without a U.S. visa. The move comes despite concerns about Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians.